Sell You
You Sell

Boost Your Brand, Close More Sales, and Win Your Game

By Alex Rodriguez

Nobody wants to be sold to…

But when we first sell people on a reason why they should pay attention to us, then doing business becomes automagically easy!

In Sell You Before You Sell, you’ll learn about the most important type of sale you need to close, before even talking about your services.

A Personal Branding Guide
for Consultative Professionals

Be Yourself, Close More Sales

9 out of every 10 people hire professionals who show the value they bring, and who they can trust deeply. But how can you build real trust in the quickest, most effective manner so that you can close more sales?

Quite simply, by earning people’s attention, and then creating the proper expectation about you.

This is how the most successful professionals in the world sell their services today. And yet, so many people still insist that selling is difficult.

In this book, you’ll discover everything about the Transaction of Attention, the most important type of sale, and how you can use this discovery to raise your visibility and close more sales.

About The Author

Author • Speaker • Entrepreneur

Alex Rodriguez has worked with brands across several continents and cultures. After mentoring hundreds of business leaders and helping them improve their sales results, he’s observed four essential traits of solid personal brands, which he explains in this book.

An Accomplished Author

Between his English and Spanish works, Alex’s books have landed in five different categories on the Amazon bestseller lists.

His books have traveled around the world, and have even been used as required reading at prestigious higher education institutions.

Alex Rodriguez Sell You Before You Sell

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Alex has been invited to speak on large stages across several countries, including TEDx, The Future of Advertising, Interactive Festivals, and for many smaller venues such as workshops and accelerators.

His main topics of expertise are:

  • Personal Branding and Raising Your Profile
  • Authority Building Through Content Products
  • The Launch Recipe: 6 Psychological Steps To Launch Products, Brands, and Ideas
  • The Five Essential Qualities of Successful Digital Campaigns

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